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A Special Letter from Leslie:

It all started as a dream. Who would believe I single-handedly could bringeth true dazzling gem-ography back to life, seeking all joy from the forgotten shimmer of used and donated sweaters? Beginning in Iowa where the people have forgotten the gift of thyn, I have truly brought back the dizzel in dazzle. I am currently in art school wasting my time when I should be collecting sweaters. I intend to graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2005. Collaborating with Laura de Waal on 80's and thy forgotten art of thyn.

In order to support the journey, please donate a gem and/or beaded sweater or, better yet, book a showing in your magazine or gallery. I will provide the entire collection of thyns, including 54 Gem Sweaters, original paintings of Gem Sweaters, 15 different lintiqulars  of Gem Sweaters, famous people wearing Gem Sweaters, archives, and antique Be-Dazzlers. Let the school children, nursing home residents, and lost souls seek the Shimmer of divine glory.


Seeker of Thyn Gems,

Leslie Hall

copy edit by Dianne Yee

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