Neon & Nude was a desire to sing love songs while people slow dance. Nested in Ames, Iowa's music scene between
boys who have muscels and folks with home recording studios. Is 2 girls writting songs about Laundry. Jewel first mentioned not cleaning up her dirty towels, which has been a insperation. Every time Leslie & Kate sell 10 albums they share a tofurky loaf in honor of the joy that gives them. They have written 6 songs.



Leslie is not a very good cleaner. Enjoys tasks that involve sitting. Such as sorting beans, drying beans, and paper folding. She's currently sews outfits for the band and is learning the piano only to impress kate. Leslie wears a padded bra during shows to enhance her diafram and posture. She writes songs very fast but then alot of them end in poo-poo pee-pee.
  Kate is very tidy. It takes her 4 days to finish a decafe coffee. She uses the same back pack from high school, even though it smells a bit. She had a circle birthmark as a kid and now its a ovel cause her leg got longer. Kate would eat pizza every day if she could. She writes songs very slow cause she makes them with fancy words or cleavery and meaning full.


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